Faulk’s pull is an unofficial Teen World Record.

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On August 8, 2023, powerlifter Jalen Faulk shared on his Instagram profile that features the athlete successfully capturing a 355.1-kilogram (783-pound) raw deadlift during a training session. According to the 19-year-old Faulk’s caption, the pull is an unofficial 18-19 Teen record in the 100-kilogram weight class. Per the records database on Open Powerlifting, the official mark still belongs to Josiah Richardson, who deadlifted 339.9 kilograms (749.5 pounds) at the 2022 United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Drug Tested Wisconsin State Championships.

Faulk accomplished his training pull while wearing just a lifting belt in terms of assistive equipment. He deadlifted from a sumo stance while utilizing a hook grip to elevate his loaded barbell off the floor. Per Faulk’s caption, his pulling technique could’ve apparently used some work, implying he might have left some weight and strength on the table for a future date. The athlete wrote that he weighed 100 kilograms (220.4 pounds) at the time of the lift, meaning Faulk deadlifted approximately 3.5 times his body weight.

As someone who isn’t even 20 years old, this is not the first time Faulk’s monstrous lifts have made headlines. The athlete’s social media platforms, particularly his Instagram, are littered with seemingly countless mighty feats.

Aside from his deadlift, recent milestones include a 463-pound bench press single from early August 2023 and a 275-kilogram (606.2-pound) three-rep paused back squat personal record (PR) from early July 2023. In late 2022, he was recorded capturing a 300-kilogram (661-pound) squat for a new PR when he was still just 18 years old.

On a competitive basis, Faulk’s resume to this stage is mostly sterling. According to his page on Open Powerlifting, in nine different competitive appearances, the athlete has lost on just three occasions. The most noteworthy result of his career thus far might have been a win in the 2022 USA Powerlifting (USAPL) Nebraska State Powerlifting Championships while competing raw in the Teen division.

At the time of this article’s publication, it is unclear what Faulk’s future competitive plans are. Thus far in 2023, he has appeared in just one contest, the 2023 USAPL Carolina Primetime Pro Qualifier, where he finished in 15th place. Faulk will likely be seen on a sanctioned lifting platform again soon, but he hasn’t confirmed or clarified when.

Nevertheless, in the meantime, the young dynamo is likened to continue showing off incredible jaw-dropping lifts.

Featured image: @jj.fau1k on Instagram

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