With the reigning champion team out, a new Team will be crowned

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The 2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games are taking place from Tuesday, August 1, to Sunday, August 6, in Madison, WI. The Age Group and Adaptive divisions began on Aug. 1 and will conclude on Aug. 3. Meanwhile, the Team Division begins on Aug. 3 will crown the champions on Aug. 6.

Both the Team and Individual divisions will feature a two-tier cut to pare down the finalists. After the workouts on Friday, August 4, only the top 30 Teams and Individual competitors will continue on to Saturday. After Saturday’s workouts, only the top 20 Teams will continue vying for the title.

With the retirement of Team Captain Rich Froning Jr., five-time CrossFit Games Team champions (2015-16, 2018, 2021-22), CrossFit Mayhem Freedom, will not be competing this year. At the end of the 2023 contest, the sport will see a new team crowned as a potentially dominant force.

2023 CrossFit Games Team Division

2023 Teams Division

  1. CrossFit Invictus
  2. CrossFit Krypton
  3. CrossFit Invictus Unconquerable
  4. Cape CrossFit Wolfpack
  5. CrossFit Rotherham
  6. CrossFit Mayhem Independence
  7. CrossFit Portti
  8. CrossFit Genas
  9. CrossFit Trondheim
  10. Q21 CrossFit
  11. CrossFit Kilo II
  12. CrossFit OBA
  13. CrossFit Invictus Sea of Green
  14. CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue
  15. CrossFit CLT The Grit Haus
  16. CrossFit PSC Invasion
  17. No Shortcuts CrossFit
  18. CrossFit Walleye Athlete
  19. CrossFit Omnia
  20. CrossFit Torian Mayhem
  21. Koda CrossFit Redemption
  22. TTT CrossFit Black
  23. CrossFit Marvel Black
  24. CrossFit Milford Team Conquer
  25. CrossFit East Nashville PRVN
  26. CrossFit Move Fast Lift Heavy 247
  27. CrossFit Fly High Kolesnikov Team
  28. Templo SA CrossFit
  29. CrossFit Franco’s Misfits
  30. PFC CrossFit 3076
  31. Einhorn CrossFit Ascend
  32. CrossFit Oslo NAJS
  33. CrossFit Prestanda
  34. Rhino CrossFit Dawgs
  35. Plus64 CrossFit 64ARMY Endgame
  36. CrossFit Oslo Blackout
  37. AB CrossFit – Mayhem
  38. CrossFit Believe — Withdrawn

Day One

The Team competition kicks off with the first of two events for the opening day. Teams will compete in heats to determine overall placing.

Day 1 Individuals — 2023 CrossFit Games

2-2-2-2 Redux

The first event of the contest splits each team into two male/female pairs . Starting every two minutes: each member from one pair will complete 12/9-calorie SkiErg (M/F) and one seated, legless rope climb (M/F). Teams will then perform max-rep synchronized overhead squats.

When two-minute round is up, the first pair stops working and rests as the second pair begins working for the next two-minute round. Each pair will have to work four rounds, for a total of eight rounds (16 minutes) per team, or to a maximum of 175 overhead squats.


  1. CrossFit Mayhem Independence — Cap +45
  2. CrossFit East Nashville PRVN — Cap +50
  3. CrossFit Move Fast Lift Heavy 247 — Cap +50
  4. CrossFit Franco’s Misfits — Cap +50
  5. CrossFit Krypton — Cap +52
  6. CrossFit OBA — Cap +56
  7. CrossFit Milford Team Conquer — Cap +64
  8. CrossFit Invictus — Cap +65
  9. No Shortcuts CrossFit — Cap +68
  10. CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue — Cap +69

Ride Relay

This biking event is very likely much more challenging that it appears. With only two bikes per four-person team, athletes must complete as many laps as possible in one hour.

This event is scheduled to begin at 12:10 p.m. CST.


  1. CrossFit Trondheim — 18 laps
  2. CrossFit Portti — 17 laps (Tied for second)
  3. Q21 CrossFit — 17 laps (Tied for second)
  4. CrossFit Oba — 17 laps (Tied for second)
  5. PFC CrossFit 3076 — 17 laps (Tied for second)
  6. Cape CrossFit Wolfpack — 16 laps (Tied for sixth)
  7. CrossFit Rotherham — 16 laps (Tied for sixth)
  8. CrossFit Invictus Sea of Green — 16 laps (Tied for sixth)
  9. CrossFit PSC Invasion — 16 laps (Tied for sixth)
  10. Koda CrossFit Redemption — 16 laps (Tied for sixth)

How to Watch the CrossFit Games

Presuming you’re not attending the Games in Madison, WI, you can watch the 2023 CrossFit Games via the CrossFit app, or online at the CrossFit website (Games.CrossFit.com), YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch. For the first time since 2016, CrossFit coverage can also be found on ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN+.

The Games Move Forward

The Teams will continue showcasing their skills over the coming days until new champions are crowned. Breaking Muscle will continue delivering the action from Madison right to you. Check back regularly for official results and updated leaderboard standings.

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