Sitko’s bench press watered two plants with one hose.

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On an international level, the year 2022 was a coming out party, of sorts, for Polish powerlifter Agata Sitko. The athlete placed second in the 76-kilogram division at the 2022 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Classic Powerlifting Championships, won the Junior division of that contest, and then took home respective wins in the 2022 Arnold Sports Festival and the 2022 European Powerlifting Federation (EPF) European Classic Powerlifting Championships. Sitko is picking up where she left off.

During the 2023 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships, which took place from June 11-18, 2023, in Valletta, Malta, Sitko scored a 153-kilogram (337.3-pound) raw bench press on her second attempt. While Sitko would come in second place in the 76-kilogram Open class to rival Karlina Tongotea, the mark is officially an Open and Junior IPF World Record in the 76-kilogram division. The press eclipsed Sitko’s own previous World Record in both divisions when the athlete lifted 146 kilograms (321.8 pounds) at the 2023 Sheffield Powerlifting Championships.

A powerhouse of strength at just 20 years old, the bench press is undoubtedly Sitko’s calling card. According to the IPF database, not only does the athlete possess both the Open and Junior IPF World Record bench press in the 76-kilogram category, that is also the simultaneous case for the 84-kilogram division where Sitko has complete upper-body dominion.

In addition to her bench press milestone, Sitko recorded a 240-kilogram (529.1-pound) raw deadlift for an IPF Junior World Record in the 76-kilogram class. The powerlifter’s final raw total of 590.5 kilograms (1,301.8 pounds) was also an IPF Junior World Record. The athlete’s top squat was 197.5 kilograms (435.4 pounds). Here’s an overview of Sitko’s best stats from the 2023 IPF Worlds:

Agata Sitko (76KG) | 2023 IPF Worlds Top Stats

  • Squat — 197.5 kilograms (435.4 pounds) | 
  • Bench Press — 153 kilograms (337.3 pounds) | IPF Open and Junior World Record
  • Deadlift — 240 kilograms (529.1 pounds) | IPF Junior World Record
  • Total — 590.5 kilograms (1,301.8 pounds) | IPF Junior World Record

To date, Sitko has now won 13 individual competitions, some of which were where she competed as both an Open and Junior athlete. When factoring in her name all over the IPF World Record books, that is quite the rap sheet to possess for any established strength titan.

At the time of this writing, it’s unclear where and when Sitko will bring her talents to a sanctioned lifting platform again. The athlete clearly makes it a point to travel worldwide to showcase her excellence with a barbell in hand. For the most part, this young star hasn’t failed in her mission.

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