You’ve heard the big news about BODi — here’s what’s up…

There’s something wrong with the fitness and diet industry. For that matter, there was something wrong with Beachbody. 

We took a look at weaknesses within the industry and saw people were rejecting the corner gym, that new diet, that personal trainer, and even Beachbody for reasons that were so obvious: There’s too much focus on the outcome and “aspiring for perfection” and not enough acknowledgment of how life really works.

You want to be happy and healthy. 

You’re not happy just because you look good. You’re happy when you feel good. And constantly judging yourself is a surefire way to not feel good.

So we took a step back, re-evaluated how we create and design content, how we can help people stay more consistent with fitness with more flexibility and more options, how simple we can make the eating plans, and even how we can help people swap their sweet indulgences for gourmet superfood desserts.

And most important — how can we help you feel good about yourself, every single day?

Woman working out at home

All this has evolved into a comprehensive platform unlike anything in the industry — because it no longer just serves up workouts and recipes: It supports your self-esteem from day one. 

It curates workout schedules so you get results, but makes it so you can actually take time off without feeling like you’re falling behind. 

It helps you see how much you can ENJOY food, not tell you what you CAN’T have.

This is Health Esteem, and BODi is the first comprehensive Health Esteem platform:  The combination of the BOD library you love with so much innovation and support that you’re going to see health and fitness through a totally new lens. 

This is about you feeling great about yourself!


So starting in March, we’re changing the name of the platform from “Beachbody” to “BODi” to reflect our commitment to Health Esteem — helping you embrace the person you are today so you can take action to achieve all your health and fitness goals.

BOD and BODi are merging into one platform — BODi —  that delivers the results you expect, but in a way that is scientifically proven to enhance consistency. Fitness set to popular music you love, nutrition plans, and positive mindset integrated into your personalized Health Esteem Routine.

The new BODi user interface is a work of art — it’s so easy to navigate and keep track of where you are. 

We’ve organized and simplified everything on BODi so you know exactly where to start and how to keep going, including earning badges for the important steps of your Health Esteem Routine.

That’s the overview of this exciting evolution, and we are so excited to hear about your success, your health, and how BODi will help you be more happy!

Here are some more details as we enter this exciting chapter: 

What Happens to My Existing BOD Membership?

Woman working out at home

You will get a free trial of the full BODi experience for the last 35 days of your membership, then your BOD membership will be automatically upgraded to a BODi membership on your renewal date with all the additional benefits and features!

For example, if your membership is set to renew on June 1st, you can start using BODi for free starting on April 27th.

Pro tip: To see all the features once your trial starts, we recommend closing the BOD app and reopening it for a refresh.

Log in as you usually would to BOD and discover our new platform and start your Health Esteem routine with BODi! 

What You Get With a BODi Membership

In addition to the catalog of BOD programs, your BODi membership will include access to 4 all-new BODi Blocks to choose from every month, two free Super Blocks (Healthy Obsession and For Beginners Only), two nutrition programs (2B Mindset Basics and Portion Fix Basics) plus new Mindset and personal development content every month!

What’s a BODi Block?

A BODi Block is a sequence of training that starts the first Monday of each month: 5 workouts a week for three weeks — about a half hour long. 

The fourth week, you get an additional three workouts, but they’re optional as we want you to recover and have flexibility in your schedule as you get ready for the next block to start next month. 

BODi Blocks are based on block periodization, a proven approach to exercise and recovery that challenges you without overtraining.

We designed four different tracks of BODi Blocks to meet you where you are and give you a place to go next, so you’ll never feel like you don’t know what to do.

Learn more about BODi Blocks here.

Super Blocks

A Super Block is when our Super Trainers remake one of their most popular programs into the BODi Block format.

They’re available for additional purchase or as a free benefit when you are a subscriber to various nutrition packages

Your first two Super Blocks are free with your BODi membership — “For Beginners Only” kicks off as a full Super Block program with Lacee Green.

You may recognize Lacee as the modifier from #mbf and Sure Thing, or from her live classes on BODi

Her new program is perfect for anyone beginning their fitness journey and will then continue into a monthly BODi Block with other Super Trainers.

Plus, you get “Healthy Obsession” from Autumn Calabrese — based on her popular 80 Day Obsession program. 

Learn more about Super Blocks here.

What Is the Mindset Content?

We’ve noticed some people have a natural-born ability to stay on track, and others (most of us) need some support to navigate through the ups and downs of real life. 

That’s why we’ve added an entire section of Personal Development and monthly Mindset Master Class content hosted by Petra Kolber, author of “The Perfection Detox” and a renowned Positive Psychology Performance Coach.

Each week, you’ll get new tools and videos to help you start — and sustain — your Health Esteem routine because what you put into your mind is just as important as what you put into your body. 

That content will be delivered through:

  • Monthly Master Classes: A themed masterclass with noteworthy authors and personal development experts using evidence-based motivation to help provide a new perspective.
  • QuickShift videos: Kick off your week with a short, motivating video that reinforces the month’s Mindset Masterclass.
  • ThinkSpace videos: Wrap up the week with gratitude for what worked, clarity on what was less-than-awesome, and action ideas for both.

A healthy Mindset isn’t something everyone is born with, but it is something that we can develop together with our tools and programs based on the science of positive psychology and personal development.

Learn more about Mindset on BODi here.

What Else Is Included in My BODi Membership?

Woman on BODi Bike at home

  • More than 100 fitness programs for every level, ranging from boot camp to cardio, yoga to Pilates, and more. 
  • Two proven Eating Plans: Portion Fix Basics and 2B Mindset Basics.
  • More than 1,000 delicious recipes, with new recipes added every month.
  • New live and on-demand workouts each month — including “Specials” you won’t want to miss – set to amazing music!
  • A personal support system that motivates and inspires.
  • Your membership also allows you to stream across multiple supported devices.

We know you’ll have more questions about what this transition will mean for you, so rest assured that we’ll be communicating more information and updates in the coming weeks.


In the meantime, please check out this FAQ on what to expect from your BOD to BODi membership migration.

The Bottom Line

Our goal is to help you be happy, to love your life. And that starts by helping you celebrate who you are, just as you are today, and create the life you’re excited to show up for. 

BODi is where it always feels good to be you!