I love peeing outside, but before I got a pair of SheFly pants, it wasn’t always fresh breezes and peaceful streams. As someone who sits down to pee outside, I often struggled to find a private place and dreaded having to pull my pants all the way down to do it. The Go There Pant from SheFly, which the brand kindly sent me to try, put my concerns to rest. Not only are these hiking pants some of the comfiest, most functional outdoor pants in my wardrobe, but they also allow me to easily answer nature’s call while out in, well, nature.

How do the SheFly pants work?

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SheFly launched in Vermont by cofounders Georgia Grace Edwards, Bianca Gonzalez, and Charlotte Massey in 2018. The SheFly Go There Pant was made to help people feel more comfortable in the great outdoors at all times. It features a second zipper (located behind the traditional zipper fly you see on a pair of pants) that lets the wearer keep the pants on while squatting to pee—no need to yank down multiple base- and mid-layers, no shirts to untuck and re-tuck, and no exposed butt. 

The SheFly zipper is lined on the inside, so you don’t have to worry about a cold metal zipper sitting against your skin or catching on to anything. While you certainly can go commando in the Go There pants, you don’t have to: The pee zipper’s opening is big enough that you can reach up and pull your underwear to the side before relieving yourself. 

The brand’s patented zipper technology was what made me want to try the Go There Pant in the first place, and I can say that it works seamlessly. I’ll still go a little ways away from my group and find a sheltered spot, but I don’t have to worry about someone seeing my entire butt or fumbling with (and, to be totally honest, accidentally peeing on) my clothes while I try to relax enough to actually want to take a whiz. These pants are so effective, in fact, that I’ve been tempted to bring people with me to pee just to see them in the action. 

How they fit

I was truly surprised by how nicely the Go There pants fit—and the extent to which you can customize them to your liking. They’re cut with a straight leg that you can cinch at the ankle into a jogger shape or cuff and snap into capris. The drawstring at the waist ties as snugly as you wish, and the waistband itself has a just-high-enough rise. It’s not so high that it covers your belly button but high enough to wear easily with a climbing harness or backpack hip belt. They’re made of a stretchy blend of nylon and spandex that’s treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) for drizzly days in the backcountry, and are available in sizes 00 to 22.

How they feel

The stretch fabric made it a genuine joy to wear while moving around outside. I could hike, climb, and bend as I pleased, without worrying about them bunching, riding up, or ripping. They felt tough and stood up to numerous scrapes against boulders. I got compliments on them simply due to the fact that they’re a well-fitting, flattering pair of hiking pants (which isn’t the easiest thing to find, especially in the limited world of women’s outdoor apparel). And, most importantly and uniquely, I looked forward to peeing in the woods. The pee zipper didn’t catch on my underwear, and it didn’t add any weird bulk to the pants’ crotch while it was zipped up.

Should you buy them?

If you pee sitting down and find it stressful, annoying, or uncomfortable to pee when hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, or otherwise enjoying the outside world, I would strongly recommend you try a pair of SheFly pants for yourself. On one hand, they just might be the solution to your peeing pet peeve. On the other, even if you don’t fall in love with its zipper technology, they’re a stellar piece of outdoor gear that’ll keep you feeling comfy and prepared all day long.