Faires’ latest Dinnie Stone performance was rather … gripping.

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There seems to be something magical about Kevin Faires when it comes to his unique grip strength and the famed Dinnie Stones. On Mar. 5, 2023, during the 2023 Rogue Record Breakers (RRB) contest, Faires broke the Dinnie Stone walk World Record when he carried them 31 feet, seven inches. The two Dinnie Stones have a cumulative weight of 734 pounds but, as added challenges to competitors, they are unevenly weighted by design and offer only thin metal rings to grip. The achievement shatters the previous record mark of 25 feet, eight inches which Faires himself set at the RRB one year ago, almost to the day.

The 2023 RRB competition was the final part of the annual Arnold Sports Festival (ASF), which also featured the 2023 Arnold Classic (AC) and the 2023 Arnold Strongman Classic (ASC). Faires was also not the only strongperson competitor to achieve a record milestone during its proceedings.

Faires appeared to use the updated rulebook of the RRB competition to his advantage. The athlete’s previous Dinnie Stone record was achieved using one uninterrupted walk. By contrast, the 2023 RRB afforded competitors leeway in that they could drop the stones one time during the event before regathering themselves and continuing the attempt. Faires dropped the Stones once after taking a single step beyond his previous mark before extending his place in the record books, picking them up and carrying them even farther.

For his remarkable Dinnie Stone efforts, Faires was awarded a lucrative $5,000 prize. Though, just erasing and rewriting his name in the record books was probably worth the achievement alone.

Regarding recent accomplishments, Faires can add his new Dinnie Stone walk to an impressive ledger. During the 2022 Strongman Rogue Invitational, the athlete broke the Thor’s Hammer Deadlift World Record when he pulled the titular implement of 147.4 kilograms (325 pounds). Such a lift surpassed former 2019 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) champion Martins Licis, who pulled 136.3 kilograms (300 pounds) during a 2021 Rogue Invitational victory.

On a grander scale, Faires’ most notable contest result might be his third-place finish during the 2022 Giants Live World Tour Finals. According to Strongman Archives, while it’s been a while since the athlete last recorded a victory (March 2017), Faires does have six top-five finishes in his last eight competitions dating back to June 2021.

A common saying some people might hear when they get flustered in life is to “get a grip.” While not outright confirmed, after his latest Dinnie Stone display of greatness, it’s apparent this hasn’t been an issue for Faires for a long time.

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