Underdown captured this record undeterred by the unusual barbell setup.

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On May 27-29, 2023, during the 2023 UK’s Strongest Woman, Lucy Underdown scored a 305-kilogram (672.4-pound) Kratos bar deadlift World Record. In the context of a strongwoman event, Underdown utilized a lifting belt and lifting straps to help achieve her massive milestone pull. The strongwoman completed her Kratos bar deadlift from a conventional stance with a double-overhand grip. Underdown finished as the runner-up to eventual champion Rebecca Roberts in the strongwoman contest.

The CERBERUS Kratos Strongman Bar (also known as the “Kratos bar”) is characterized mainly by its length. According to the barbell’s description on the CERBERUS Strength website, the Kratos bar measures at a lengthy 10 feet from end to end. The extended length creates an additional “flex” and “whip” an athlete must overcome to complete a full lockout of their deadlift repetition. The bar also has a base weight of 28 kilograms (61.7 pounds) which is more than the standard 20.4 kilograms (45 pounds) for a “normal” barbell.

Despite the added challenge, Underdown seemingly accomplished her record mark with ease based on a clip of her Kratos bar lift.

In a post caption on her Instagram, Underdown seemed appreciative of her overall performance at the 2023 UK’s Strongest Woman. Even without the victory, Underdown finishing in second place marks her third podium accomplishment in her last four competitive appearances, per Strongman Archives.

It seems any time an athlete can score a runner-up result and still take home a World Record, they may appropriately gush about their output.

“What an awesome weekend!” Underdown started in her post. “I fought so, so hard for the win. It really came down to the last bag of the last event and unfortunately I came up short against the amazing [Rebecca Roberts]. These things happen and we learn and move on! A [CERBERUS Strength] Kratos bar deadlift World Record of 305 kilograms (honestly, felt like I could have done 320 kilograms yesterday) and a surprise Block Press win with an easy five reps. I can’t be too unhappy!

The final note of Underdown’s competition reflection features the athlete teasing “Euros prep.” At the time of this article’s publication, it is unclear exactly which contest Underdown is referring to, but based on her precedent, it seems likely the strongwoman means the 2023 Britain’s Strongest Woman (BSW) set for late September 2023.

After this kind of new result, the strongwoman world should probably expect another glowing performance from Underdown at the 2023 BSW.

Featured image: @cerberus_strength on Instagram

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