Lovelace continues to show she’s a deliberate record-setting machine.

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It hasn’t even been two months in the year 2023, yet here’s Rhianon Lovelace continuing to push the boundaries of what we might think is possible from a strongwoman. After already setting the U64 Axle Press World Record of 101 kilograms (222.6 pounds) during the 2023 Kaos New Year Push/Pull 2023 contest in January, Lovelace is back to her old tricks. That is, using her Herculean strength to lift incredible amounts of weight and rewrite the record books.

On Feb. 18, 2023, during the 2023 Log Lift for Life Invitational in Tamworth, UK, Lovelace finished off a 146.8-kilogram (323.6-pound) Atlas Stone lift. According to the caption of her Instagram post of the feat, it is an all-time World Record in the U64 (64-kilogram) weight class. Lovelace wore a lifting belt, forearm-protecting sleeves, and knee sleeves for support during the record lift.

Lovelace kept her reflection on her new achievement short and sweet. It’s probably because the athlete understands there’s likely only more to come, given her intense training and commitment.

“Warm-ups flew, I knew we were on for a good day early on!” Lovelace wrote. “Only 49 days into 2023, and we’re already two World Records in, with my best lift still to come! Buckle up. Because this year’s gonna be big.”

To top a productive weekend, Lovelace would shift to the 2023 OLO Pro Invitational where, during a victorious all-around performance, she set the strict barbell curl heavyweight World Record of 55 kilograms (121.3 pounds).

Not to be outdone, Lovelace shouted out the charity money raised by the overall short event, which apparently topped the equivalent of $1,000 dollars and will go straight to men’s mental health awareness. She credited 100% C.A. Promotions, originally founded by trainer Stig Parker. Per the organization’s website masthead, it is committed to safety, inclusivity, and equal promotion for strongmen and strongwomen.

“Big shout out to the hard work from [100% C.A. Promotions] for raising nearly £1000 [$1204.28] for men’s mental health charity!” Lovelace wrote. “And for his [Parker] effort into such a great day, making sure we all had everything we needed and made sure all athletes’ safety was absolutely paramount!”

What lies ahead for Lovelace on a competitive front is unclear. For an athlete seemingly willing to take on all challenges and comers in her path, anything might be possible. The only ideal that might be obvious is that her awesome accomplishments should probably stop surprising the strongperson world.

Featured image: @rhianon.lovelace.kaosstrength on Instagram

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