To get the most bang for your buck, look for short classes or plan routines—like a 30-minute HIIT class, or a 20-minute full-body strength session—that will have you working hard without sacrificing tons of your precious morning time. This approach can spell the difference between being up at 5:30 versus 6, says Gruba. And knowing you don’t have to get up quite as early can make the habit that much easier to stick to.

7. And try to make your workouts a little cozier too.

If the thought of putting on tight exercise clothes first thing is enough to quash your motivation altogether, make your workout feel cozy—way more appealing—by dressing in ultra-comfy attire. Think: that super soft hoodie or those luxe velour sweatpants. This is another method Kelly relies on to make her early morning workouts happen.

“By just changing what I’m wearing, I change my whole attitude,” she says. Instead of pulling on form-fitting or compressive gear for a morning run, for example, she swaps it for a baggy sweatshirt instead, which she says automatically makes her feel happy and relaxed. “If I know I’m gonna feel nice and warm and cozy, then this run is going to be fun,” Kelly says. “It’s not going to be intimidating.”

And remember: Just because everyone else in spin class wears bike shorts, or your whole running group dons compression pants, it doesn’t mean you need to follow suit. “You can just wear what feels comfortable for you,” Kelly says.

8. Book a nonrefundable workout class.

If you’ve put your hard-earned money into a workout class, chances are you’re going to make sure you get to it. Gruba’s gym charges a no-show fee for folks who sign up for one and then bail, and she says that monetary incentive helps a lot of members stick to their a.m. plans. After all, no one likes to feel like they just flushed dollars down the drain.

To up the ante, consider booking a session with a personal trainer, if you can swing it and feel like you would benefit from it, Gruba adds. The cost will likely be higher than a group fitness class, making it that much more difficult to cancel your plans. Plus, hiring a trainer is a great way to improve your exercise form, work toward specific goals, and overall stay motivated since you know someone else is counting on you—and you alone—to show up.

9. Plan a delicious post-workout meal or snack you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Knowing that a satisfying and special meal is waiting for you at the end of your workout can provide the boost you need to commit to an a.m. session. This is a big motivator for Gruba, who likes to visit the bagel shop next to her gym after a workout. The key here is that the bagels would be a hassle to access if Gruba didn’t go to the gym, in which case she’d likely just have a ho-hum at-home breakfast, like cereal or a protein bar. “It’s always a nice treat getting to go and try the bagel of the month,” she says.

Use this trick by planning on a yummy post-workout breakfast or snack. Bonus points if it’s something you probably wouldn’t be able to get if you skipped your morning session—the amazing egg sandwiches from the cafe by your gym, say, or the delicious smoothies at the place near the end of your running route, or even a homemade scramble that you wouldn’t have time to make if you slept in.