10,000 calories sounds like a lot, but it’s probably not that much for two elite strongmen.

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To compete like a champion, you have to eat like one. That is, at least you do if you’re a top-level strongman.

As the 2023 Arnold Strongman Classic (ASC) nears in Columbus, OH, in early March, the Stoltman Bros. — Tom and Luke — showcased a sample of their daily diet less than two weeks before the upcoming contest. They ate 10,000 calories combined as they tried to feed their massive builds. For the reigning two-time World’s Strongest Man (WSM) in Tom and the 2021 Europe’s Strongest Man (ESM) in Luke, it’s probably a diet befitting of two trying to lift Atlas Stones at their peak.


Here’s an overview of the Stoltman Bros.’ joint 10,000-calorie diet as they enter the final stages of their 2023 ASC training. Note: Select portions of the meals are segmented by what each brother ate specifically. The exact portions were not disclosed for every food item. Calories estimates are taken from the video notes.

Meal 1 — Breakfast

For their first meal of the day, breakfast, Luke disclosed that what the brothers eat won’t be precise between the pair. That fact doesn’t appear to have phased either athlete from necessary calorie-packing.

  • Mushrooms (exact portion unclear)
  • Eggs — Six for Luke, eight for Tom
  • Toast — Four pieces each
  • Bacon — Two pieces each

Calorie intake: Tom Stoltman, 1,300 calories; Luke Stoltman, 1,150 calories

Meal 2 — Mid-Morning Snack

The brothers continued infusing more protein into the second meal of their day. Aside from generous helpings of whey protein, they also had individual mixes of fruit for snacks, Luke consumed an unspecified amount of melon, pineapple, and mango, while Tom had strawberries.

  • Whey protein — Three scoops each
  • Individual fruit mixes

Calorie intake: Tom Stoltman, 358 calories; Luke Stoltman, 358 calories

Meal 3 — Preworkout Lunch

The brothers’ third meal of the day acted as preworkout nutrition. With both strongmen having slightly different needs, their caloric layout was a bit different.

  • Ground beef (Luke)
  • Vegetables (Luke)
  • Boiled potatoes (Luke)
  • Burger with ground pork (Tom)
  • Apple salad (Tom)
  • Potato wedges (Tom

Calorie intake: Tom Stoltman, 1,565 calories; Luke Stoltman, 1,274 calories

Meal 4 — Postworkout Snack

For their fourth meal, the brothers leaned on more protein infusion, this time opting to have an oat-based granola bar instead of fruit.

  • Whey protein — Three scoops each
  • Granola bar — One each

Calorie intake: Tom Stoltman, 596 calories; Luke Stoltman, 596 calories

Meal 5 — Dinner

To cap their full day of eating, the brothers went all-in on dinner. Fittingly, they once again had a variety of choices within their meals. The athletes explained that, in this case, dinner was their largest meal of the day in preparation of an events-based workout session the following day, which is their most intense training day of the week.

  • Whey protein — Three scoops each
  • Cheeseburger (Tom)
  • French fries (Tom)
  • Chicken (Luke)
  • Boiled potatoes (Luke)

Calorie intake: Tom Stoltman, 1,630 calories; Luke Stoltman, 1,867 calories

Beyond the 2023 ASC, the Stoltman brothers have big ambitions during this competitive year. Tom will look to make it three straight WSM titles during the latest iteration of the contest in April. Meanwhile, Luke will similarly compete in the said competition as he seeks his first strongman victory since September 2021.

Featured image: @tomstoltmanofficial on Instagram