The leggings, which I wore for a workout and yoga session, are made of the same luxurious fabric as the bra, and have that same supportive but not confining feel. Out of the bag they looked like they’d be too small, and they felt pretty compressive while I was pulling them on. Once I started moving around, however, they felt like a second skin. They didn’t pinch or dig into my body anywhere, and seemed to have an unlimited amount of stretch. I was also really happy with how high-waisted they are: They fully cover my belly button but don’t encroach on the bottom hem of my sports bra. They don’t have pockets, a drawstring, mesh panels, or any other cool athleisure-y features, but that kind of makes me like them more—they’re smooth, sleek, and not without some fun Catwoman vibes. —Sara Coughlin, senior commerce writer

Vuori Evolve Square Neck Bra

Here’s the lay of the land: I’m 5’4″ and typically wear medium tops/bras and a large in bottoms. I’d never actually worn Vuori anything, despite watching its sizes sell out quickly at Nordstrom while writing about sales for SELF. However, I have tested a ton of different leggings from many brands (Girlfriend Collective, Lululemon, Nike, Brooks, Aerie, you name it).

I was a little skeptical when both the Evolve Square Neck Bra and Leggings arrived in size medium, but Vuori’s fabric is a blend of stretchy, soft, and supportive that I’ve not experienced before (and makes it easier to wear than some more constrictive medium-size pairs). The material is almost slippery to the touch, and pulling them on is like literally sliding into them. I very much appreciated that I didn’t have to fight my way into the two pieces, which cannot be said for a lot of leggings I’ve tested in the past. The set was fitted without being too tight, and it was comfy enough to wear around the house. I felt cute and loved the stormy blue color—a nice change from my all-black and all-olive-green activewear! The leggings hit right above my ankle, and they have a raw cut at the bottom, which I think helps make them easier to pull on (but might also make them a tad more susceptible to fraying). The bra fit perfectly, though I wished the straps were adjustable in case it stretches out over time.