Labrada has earned his place in the 2023 Olympia with the win.

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Hunter Labrada is the Men’s Open champion of the 2023 Tampa Pro. The contest took place in Tampa Bay, FL, on August 4-5, 2023. It featured 10 competitive divisions, and a victory for any meant the prize of an automatic berth in the 2023 Olympia competition. After recent changes to the Olympia qualification system, only past Olympia winners, the top 5 in the most recent edition, and winners of an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro League competition can qualify.

As for Labrada, the former fourth-place finisher (2021) at the Olympia can now begin his preparation for the Orlando, FL, contest this November in earnest. After a disappointing seventh-place result at the 2022 Olympia, Labrada had promised his best in a tour of redemption. With recent rigid training updates and this Tampa Pro victory, he appears to be making good on his word. A video below, courtesy of Mitchell Gilbert (@gilcoproductions on Instagram), features Labrada posing on stage at the 2023 Tampa Pro.

Here are the final standings for every division featured at the 2023 Tampa Pro:

Men’s Open

  1. Hunter Labrada
  2. Jonathan DeLaRosa
  3. Lewis Breed
  4. Joel Thomas 
  5. Brady King 
  6. Roy Evans 
  7. Nathan Spear 
  8. Fred Smalls 


  1. Fabricio de Souza Moreira
  2. Mohamed Embaby
  3. Diego Montoya
  4. Jason Nguyen
  5. Robert Taylor
  6. Kevin Johnson 
  7. Toto Djong
  8. Yumon Eaton
  9. Leland DeVaughn Jr.
  10. David Robinson
  11. Pedro Encinosa
  12. Isaiah Hawthorne*
  13. Rachid Souki*


Classic Physique

  1. Matthew Greggo 
  2. Carlos Dommar 
  3. Robert Waterhouse 
  4. Lucas Giaianni 
  5. Camilio Diaz Garzon 
  6. Jerark Toribio Perez 
  7. Dino Estrada 
  8. Jared Thompson
  9. Caleb Walker 
  10. Peter Sciallo 
  11. Ivan Cabrera 
  12. Logan Guthrie 
  13. Amit Roy 
  14. Lucas di Santi 
  15. Kelvin Hinde 

Tied for 16th place:

  • Krimo Ammari 
  • Dylan Bursey 
  • Rodrigo Coelho 
  • Billy Danh 
  • Corelle Draper 
  • Keith Holmes 
  • Christopher Mensah 
  • Eslam Mohamed 
  • Jesse Norris 
  • Antwoine Powers 
  • Caleb Robinson 
  • Bennett Streets
  • George Thibault

Men’s Physique

  1. Arya Saffaie
  2. Jeremiah Maxey
  3. Alexander Toplyn
  4. Kimani Victor
  5. Deke Walker
  6. John Stanley Sarmiento
  7. Aroldson Etienne
  8. Jemiase (Jay) Riggins
  9. Steven Cao
  10. Burak King

Women’s Bodybuilding

  1. Michaela Aycock
  2. Nicki Chartrand
  3. Theresa Ivancik
  4. Kyna Squarey
  5. Julia Foery
  6. Selyka Givan
  7. Cristina Arellano Goy
  8. Taylor Iraggi
  9. Patty Corbett
  10. Gabriela Pena De La Vega

Women’s Physique

  1. Jeannie Feldman
  2. Ivie Rhein
  3. Robyn Mays
  4. Mikaela Lindsey
  5. Marika Jones
  6. Heather Rigsby
  7. Isabelle Jackson
  8. Daphney Holmes
  9. Kristyn Lia
  10. Patricia Pizarro


  1. Queren Pacheco
  2. Oyku Basar
  3. Lena Ramsteiner
  4. Mariafernanda Laguna
  5. Danielle Rose
  6. Tamera Barrett
  7. Corrie Morales
  8. Edith Driver
  9. Jennifer Johnson
  10. Zulfiya Bitiyeva


  1. Allison Kramer
  2. Aurika Tyrgale
  3. Kristin Pope
  4. Stacy Dawn
  5. Anna Fomina
  6. Stephanie Jones
  7. Michelle Gales
  8. Donnice Chow
  9. Danielle Chikeles
  10. Eileen Thomas


  1. Ashlynn Little
  2. Arianna Brothers
  3. Tatiana Lanovenko
  4. India Paulino
  5. Jordan Brannon
  6. Liana Giannamore
  7. Tamekia Carter
  8. Sandra Merlo
  9. Lauren Dannenmiller
  10. Mary Ann Parks


  1. Rayane Fogal
  2. Andrea Hrenko
  3. Marissa Andrews
  4. Quintaysia Goodley
  5. Angela White
  6. Devyn Cambre
  7. Maria Paulette
  8. Luz Stella Abinuman
  9. Yami Partridge
  10. Kim O’Connell

The 2023 Texas Pro is the next major IFBB contest on the calendar to look forward to for any athletes still seeking 2023 Olympia qualification. It will take place on August 19, 2023, in Arlington, TX.

Featured image: @gilcoproductions on Instagram

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