In his latest step toward bodybuilding, Hall took cues from an all-time great.

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If anyone had doubts about Eddie Hall’s earnest commitment to trying bodybuilding, the strongman legend continues to show he’s dead serious. On Mar. 5, 2023, Hall posted a video to his YouTube channel where he worked through a back workout while guided by four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler (2006-2007, 2009-2010). The routine appears to be a part of a series of sessions with established bodybuilders as Hall works toward a debut sometime in the year 2024.


Much like Hall’s previous bodybuilding-esque back routines in 2023 by himself and Jamie “The Giant” Christian, the athlete and Cutler featured a lot of pulldowns and rows.

Here’s a short overview of the complete workout, in order of movement. (Note: The pair did not disclose the exact number of sets and repetitions.) Cutler frequently emphasized the conditioning benefits of strict rest periods with 45 to 60 seconds between sets.

Eddie Hall | Back Workout With Jay Cutler, March 2023

Among the more notable tips Cutler fed Hall about building mass and refining one’s back was during the lat pulldown. The bodybuilding icon had a lot to say about proper form as the 2017 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) worked through his set.

The idea, as it often is in bodybuilding, was about contracting the muscles enough to challenge them.

“I know this weight isn’t too heavy but we’re going to work on the contraction,” Cutler told Hall. “So, when you come down, I want you to kind of … this is kind of imitating the back double biceps, right? So, you’re going to squeeze, you know? Get that fire in the lats. So, make sure you get the contraction and don’t just pull the weight.”

Cutler appeared to really want to emphasize a quality lat pulldown for Hall. After all, it seemed to be one of the keys to his successful career on stage.

“I had a wider waist, so I had to offset. I had to build as big lats as possible,” Cutler explained to Hall. “So, because you always want to create that taper in bodybuilding, right? Because I was a little wider-waisted, the lats had to really flare out. So I really focused on the pulldown movements.”

As for how Cutler characterized Hall’s work ethic, he was very complimentary while the strongman/hopeful bodybuilder did his single-arm bent-over dumbbell rows.

“He’s [Hall] definitely the hardest worker in the room. That’s for sure.”

Hall’s workout with Cutler aside, he’s certainly not slowing down his bodybuilding ambitions. At least, according to his YouTube channel. Over the past few weeks, the athlete has posted videos of himself doing segments of bodybuilding training, working with Christian and Cutler, and even the powerful Larry Wheels.

At this rate, one fact seems abundantly clear — Hall will take extra bodybuilding knowledge wherever he can get it. And he’s getting it from some well-credentialed sources.

Featured image: @eddiehallwsm on Instagram