The workout below is for Day 17 of the Just Enough Workout, a four-week workout plan. Today’s routine is pretty great on its own, but you can also check out the full program right here or browse the calendar here. If you’d like to sign up to receive daily emails featuring these workouts, you can do that here.

After yesterday’s steady-state cardio routine, we’re bringing it back to strength. And we have a great full-body, core-focused workout on the schedule for today—one that’s particularly focused on working the muscles in the back of your body.

Both Just Enough and Just a Little More are going to follow the same game plan here: You’ll be cycling through exercises that work your back, core, hamstrings, and butt.

You’ll notice, though, that all of the exercises in Just a Little More aren’t an exact replica of what’s offered in Just Enough. Instead, they are variations that bring a bit more intensity to the table. For instance, in Just Enough, you’ll work the back of your body with the bodyweight bent-over T-raise, which primarily works the small muscles along the backside of your shoulder. In Just a Little More, you’ll be doing a single-arm bent-over row with dumbbells, which, along with hitting those rear deltoids, also fires up your rhomboids, lats, and biceps. (Added bonus: Because the move is single-arm, your core has to really fire to keep you stable, so you get added abs work too!) We’re also adding a Romanian deadlift to the circuit here, which uses the same hip extension movement pattern from the glute bridge—just from a different angle.

Remember, you’re not locked into any one option here. If you’re not exactly feeling it today, why not start with one round of Just Enough Movement? If that stokes your exercise appetite, you can follow it up with another round or two of that, or you dip your toe into a round of Just a Little More. Still not feeling it at that point? Call it a day, embrace your rest day coming tomorrow, and get ready to meet us again on the mat for Day 19!

Just Enough Movement Directions:

  • Complete each exercise for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds.
  • After completing all three exercises, rest for up to 60 seconds. That’s 1 round.
  • Complete 2–3 rounds.

Just Enough Movement Exercises:

  • Bent-Over T-Raise
  • Supine Pilates Toe Tap
  • Bodyweight Glute Bridge

Just a Little More Movement Directions:

Complete each exercise for your chosen work/rest interval:

  • 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest
  • 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest
  • 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest

After all of your exercises are done, rest for up to 60 seconds. That’s 1 round. Complete 3–5 rounds.

Just a Little More Movement Exercises:

  • Single-Arm Row (Right Side, Medium Dumbbell Set)
  • Supine Pilates Toe Tap
  • Romanian Deadlift (Light Dumbbell Set)
  • Single-Arm Row (Left Side, Medium Dumbbell Set)
  • Glute Bridge (Medium Dumbbell Set)

Exercise Directions: